my name is jack grimes, and i’m a designer, typographer & digital artist who currently lives in pittsburgh. this is my portfolio! i also make a lot of other weird stuff that doesn’t really suit a portfolio, which is on my homepage.

i’ve been making art my whole life, and freelancing at design since i was 14 years old; making album art, logos, flyers, posters, zines, stickers, book covers, book insides, bookmarks, illustrations, websites, packaging, a couple of calendars, and one time a label for a brand of gumbo.

about this sitei have made websites from scratch, but i made this one with cargo. thanks to Rutherford Craze (of mass-driver) and David MacIsaac for help with some technical stuff.

the images on this site are copyrighted, obviously, but i’ve uploaded all my artwork in nice hi-res quality for you to download/print/etc. just please don’t steal them or feed them to a.i. or pass them off as your own. thanks.

hire me!i am usually available for short-term commission projects and sometimes available for longer part-time gigs. i currently work part-time at aarp doing website stuff and occasionally a magazine illustration.

they say a portfolio should show the kind of work you want to do, so that’s what i’ve put on here. i love making album covers, tour posters, show flyers, & anything music-related. i also love making weird illustrations and collages, brand identity systems, and artifacts from parallel timelines.

if you’re interested in working with me, you can drop me an email by clicking on the word “email” up and to the right of this paragraph. thanks!

all work © jack grimes. made by human labor.